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About Spark Logistics

Spark Logistics was launched in February 17th, 2019. As the founders, we are 6 people who have extensive experience in VTC management and the virtual trucking community. Since the start, we have been working nonstop and coming up with exciting ideas on how to make our VTC a better place for all of our drivers. With our great team, we have been able to implement essential VTC features along with those that are not available anywhere else.

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27 April 2022 07:54 Author: Sjovn

New Event Manager

BHtrucker has left our team due to other projects, and we thank him for all the good work he has done for Spark Logistics. Good luck on your next project BHtrucker! When someone is leaving, there is someone coming... and our new Event Manager is M3rcyftw. M3rcy has been on our event team for a little while already, and he knows the team good. We are happy to have him as Event Manager and we are sure he will make good events for us, both internal and public drives. Welcome as Event Manager M3rcyftw!

01 April 2022 05:18 Author: Sjovn

Driver Of The Month March!

Help! It's April already ...and that means we are ready to announce Driver Of The Month for March! This time its not only one, but we have two drivers that really have put an effort into trucking, and we think they both deserve the honor of the title! Congrats to TrexTone with 165.654 XP and Daac86 with 336.661 XP! You both have really driven a lot last month! Keep up the good work! Happy trucking and have a good weekend all! See you on the road!

25 March 2022 05:36 Author: Sjovn

Event invites

Hey all fellow truckers! If you want to invite us at Spark Logistics to your event please use the ticket system we have in our Discord. This is a new feature in our discord that we hope will make it easier for you, and for us, to have contact with you all about events. See you on the road! Happy trucking!

01 March 2022 08:00 Author: Sjovn

Driver Of The Month

Congratulations to PopTart as Driver of the Month of February! He has driven and earned 139.577 XP in February, thats fantastic! PopTart is one of our most active drivers, and gives good competition every month for the title. Keep on trucking, PopTart!

24 February 2022 04:24 Author: Sjovn

3 years on the road

This February it is 3 years since Spark Logistics joined this amazing community. It might not seem like alot, but with many big VTCs closing down around us, we are pretty proud of still going strong! Of course Spark also had it ups and downs, like every VTC, members has come and gone, same with staffmembers - but we wouldn't have been the same without all this! Today Spark Logistics is a VTC with many members, our own tracker and most of the daily tasks are automated. We host weekly convoys for our members, we have our monthly convoy for other VTCs and drivers to join - and we participate in public convoys to support other VTCs. But the most important of all is our members! With us you will find members to hang out with, play games with and drive together with. We have a lot of fun together! Our third anniversary got celebrated with a private convoy for our members. It was a fun drive with lots of laughter, sharing memories from the years on the road - and we all agreed on going for another 3 years on the road! If you want to be a part of is - apply today! If you have any questions about how it is to be a member of Spark, don't hesitate to take contact with one of our recruiters or me in our Discord server. See you on the road! Safe travels!

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