3 years on the road

Author Sjovn | Category Main Category | Date 24 February 2022 04:24

This February it is 3 years since Spark Logistics joined this amazing community. It might not seem like alot, but with many big VTCs closing down around us, we are pretty proud of still going strong! Of course Spark also had it ups and downs, like every VTC, members has come and gone, same with staffmembers - but we wouldn't have been the same without all this! Today Spark Logistics is a VTC with many members, our own tracker and most of the daily tasks are automated. We host weekly convoys for our members, we have our monthly convoy for other VTCs and drivers to join - and we participate in public convoys to support other VTCs. But the most important of all is our members! With us you will find members to hang out with, play games with and drive together with. We have a lot of fun together! Our third anniversary got celebrated with a private convoy for our members. It was a fun drive with lots of laughter, sharing memories from the years on the road - and we all agreed on going for another 3 years on the road! If you want to be a part of is - apply today! If you have any questions about how it is to be a member of Spark, don't hesitate to take contact with one of our recruiters or me in our Discord server. See you on the road! Safe travels!