Spark Logistics Code of Conduct

Keeping the community civil and non-toxic. Providing the drivers with any means they might need to interact with the administration. Issuing bans and kicks in a fair way. Providing the drivers with any tools to optimize their experience in game. Organizing events to allow the community to get together and help them keep friendly relationships with everyone involved. Always valuing the opinions of the staff team and the drivers and listening to their ideas. Keeping the work of the staff team professional, avoiding any behaviour that might damage the reputation of the company. Keeping any user data confidential and protecting it with proper security measures.

Discord Server Rules

    Text Channels

  1. Be respectful to other members and staff at all times: No cussing, calling insulting names, mocking, racism, sexism or homophobia.
  2. No controversial topics: This includes religious, political and any other controversial topics.
  3. No NSFW: No pornographic content or gore/death images in any of the channels (including user profile pictures).
  4. No advertising: No advertisement of other servers, websites or anything similar.
  5. No fake accounts: You can only have one account in this server. Using a fake/alt account is NOT permitted.
  6. No impersonating staff or others: Do not impersonate staff or other people in any way.
  7. No spamming: No spamming (this includes repeated messages, emojis and upper-case or custom font letters) and useless tagging.
  8. No arguing: Do not argue in public channels and remember to move to DMs if needed.
  9. No inappropriate nicknames: No nicknames containing non-UTF8 characters or all upper case nicknames. Nicknames should not be utilising Zalgo text or any similar custom text font encoding intricacies to make the name taller or wider than normal. This includes using non-English characters. If your name is in another language, please let a staff member know so you can get a proper nickname.
  10. Always obey TruckersMP rules while playing. Remember, you're representing your VTC in the virtual trucking community.
  11. No malicious links or software: No links or software containing malicious code.
  12. Don't reveal personal info: Avoid revealing anybody's personal info (name, address, phone number, email etc) at all times.
  13. Only speak English in all channels except #international-chat.
  14. Always use the respective channels in the server: Use the text channels only for their intended use (for example: bot commands should be used only in #bot_commands).
  15. Don't misuse the spoiler feature: Don't abuse the spoiler feature as it is annoying and clutters the channels.

    Voice Channels

  1. Do not play music except for the Music Lobby.
  2. Don't use soundboards or voice changers.
  3. Don't play any disturbing tracks (earrape) in any voice channel.
  4. Always be polite to others while talking in voice channels.

    Logos, Banners, and Images of Spark Logistics

  1. By no means you are allowed to USE/EDIT/INHERIT any of the official images provided by Spark Logistics (defined as VTC down below).
  2. Subjects of VTC images are to be banned permanently from our community, and a matter of court act due to trademark and copyright over the logo.
  3. Hereby, is declared that the origion of the VTC logo is hand-made and is in no way/type/form/shape a stolen project.

Official Convoy Rules

  1. Before/After convoy:

    1. Park in a line if there is no space left park behind them or somewhere else
    2. When you've parked please keep your gear in neutral
    3. No Horn/Honk Spam
    4. Keep your becons turned off
    5. Turn off your engines once you've parked
  2. When convoy starts:

    1. Leave one at a time
    2. Stay in a line and don't rush
    3. Follow convoy controller instruction to know where the convoy is heading to
  3. While convoying:

    1. Keep distance of 80m
    2. Do not overtake unless you've been told to
    3. Follow others and keep a straight lane
    4. Do not try to crash someone on purpose
    5. Do not annoy follower with high beam light
    6. If you want to leave convoy midway stop at emergency lane
  4. Voice chat/Chat during convoy:

    1. No ear rape
    2. Do not use abusive 18+ language
    3. Do not Mic/Chat spam on purpose
    4. Take a chill pill bois
  5. Other rules:

    1. Do not save & edit the game
    2. Flatbed/HCT/Double/Box liner trailers are not allowed in ETS2 convoy
    3. Flatbed/Double/Triple/Log 4 trailers are not allowed in ATS
    4. You can use/modify truck trailer anyway you want to except paint/livery should be remained the same
    5. If you want to report someone please DM any Staff member after convoy is completed